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  /  How to Deal with Sensors

How to Deal with Sensors

Workshop Beginner

Sometimes it is difficult to connect and establish relationships between sensors and the device, or light and video in real time. I would like to show some techniques on how to connect and arduino and read or send data with the UDP protocol, for me it is easier to deal with. Then, it will work with the data within TD to animate and control the options. Install the HUE Light library (Python) and make some changes to the lights.
video reference:
For brain control, I made an easy application for Mac, Win and Linus, which sends all the clear data from mindwave neurosky to anywhere using the OSC protocol. After that, it will connect to a visual system in real time.
In the end we work with Leapmotion or Kinect, we make a practice to build a surface control with their hands, to make an interactive player, for example.


If you are interested in things Arduino brings one, some LEDs, sensors, breadboard and ethernet cable and for practice.

Arduino, Python, control, lighting


Javier Alvarez

Javier Álvarez “Light Notes”. Digital artist, specialized in instruments and interactive installations created from a personal style, based on the use of lights, motors, sensors and videos in real time. Director and founder of the Mad Center audiovisual school. More than ten years of experience in the national and international audiovisual scene. At present it develops ad hoc installations for Ferrán Adriá, Vodafone, Absolut and Cosmocaixa, VICE, Volkswagen…