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  /  At The Very Edge Of Uncertainty

At The Very Edge Of Uncertainty


Voxels, Vectors, Volumes: We are not talking about virtual spaces here, this is as real as it gets. Motorised Light-Puppetry is how I would describe it to my grandmother. Developing tools to create content for an outcome that becomes more graspable the more you have to wrestle with it. I want to talk about our design process that starts with a simple principle and a vague idea, and often it ends with sleep deprivation before the premiere. My last three years at WHITEvoid with installations including GRID and Deep Web are about to reach a new high with SKALAR, outcome uncertain.

WhiteVoid, Kinetic Lights, Deep Web, Lasers, Motorized Light-Puppetry


Daniel Dalfovo

Daniel Dalfovo is a Creative Coder based in Berlin with lots of love for technology and interest in its sociological impact. After graduating at the University of Arts Berlin he started working at WHITEvoid, developing concepts and contents for various shows and installations world wide.