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  /  Geometrical Music

Geometrical Music


A personal work in progress, based on one possible translation of geometrical forms to musical information. The presentation will start by following the TD network flow, explaining all the technical details and optimizations, then a short live example will demonstrate the system.

Audio Visual, Music, Geometry, Midi, OSC, Ableton, Max, Lemur, Clock, Engine


Rui Gato

Studied Architecture until 4th grade in Lisbon, chose the path of Music and Sound Design in 1998. 
Rui Gato has been developing a multidisciplinary work of sonic laboratory, having the modulation of the sonic matter and the exploration of its limits as the main conceptual basis. His professional and artistic activities center on realtime musical composition and human<->machine interfaces. Since 2007 started also exploring the motion design, interactivity and synthetic image generation areas. Is co-director of the company ALTA International, author of the projects Elastic Void and Outersites, co-participant of the projects Blakat, Plat|::|Form and Houselab, and member of the JGM theatre company.