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  /  Introduction to GLSL in TouchDesigner

Introduction to GLSL in TouchDesigner

Workshop Intermediate

An introduction to GLSL in TouchDesigner covering the basics of the language, some tips on porting shadertoy to TouchDesigner and building a simple particle system.

GLSL, Pixelshaders, Particles, Pointclouds


Markus Heckmann

Heckmann a native to Leipzig, Germany is a Technical Director with Derivative where he works on commercial and artistic projects alike spanning major theme park attractions to public video displays, art installations like Carsten Nikolai’s uni series, live visual projects for musicians such as Plastikman or Alva Noto and the development of fully fledged control applications like WhiteVoids KineticLights. Apart from project and development work, Heckmann is active promoting TouchDesigner and teaching its uses in the fields of art and technology to the interested public at companies, festivals and conferences around the world.