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  /  An Introduction to MQTT

An Introduction to MQTT

Workshop Intermediate

In today’s world showrooms/museums with multiple connected exhibits require a flexible, future proof and engine agnostic back-end design. These back-ends need to supply an easy and unified way for each element of an exhibition (exhibits, sensors, light, services, …) to communicate with with all other elements. And those elements should be designed in a way that each of them can be (ex)changed without having to update any other parts of the system. Finally, the system itself needs to support centralized configuration, customization and content management for all exhibits. For our showroom, the Telekom Design Gallery, we decided to use MQTT (a publish and subscribe framework mainly used in the IOT community) as the backbone for all exhibits. While TD is not necessarily the tool of choice to implement such a back-end, it is highly suited to easily prototype such a system and at a same time create a previz of the whole exhibition. And this is exactly what you will learn at the workshop. You will acquire the necessary skills to design, setup and use such a system and at the same time create an interactive “previz” of the showroom. While in this workshop we focus on showrooms/museums the same principles can easily be adapted for other use-cases with multiple screens and systems.

exhibit, backend, mqtt, previz, interactivity, systems management


Achim Kern

Achim Kern has been using TouchDesigner since version 017, looking back at many years of TD production experience in museums, trade shows and showrooms across Europe. He is currently an experience developer at the Telekom Design Gallery, an immersive showroom where visitors interact with the digital and connected world of the future.