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  /  Light Installations with TouchDesigner

Light Installations with TouchDesigner

Masterclass Intermediate

How to plan, organize and develop a custom Light Installation. Choosing the right light source and protocol. How to set up a Test-Setup and how create interactive content. We also set up a little Test-Environment with a PixelPusher and Custom LED-Strips as well as a DMX-Test-Setup.

LED, Light, DMX, ArtNet, Pixel-Mapping


Stefan Kainbacher

Stefan Kainbacher ist the Founder and Creative Director of NEON GOLDEN. 
He is experienced in creating installations for night clubs like Grelle Forelle or Pratersauna in Vienna – Live Visuals for Acts like Boys Noize or Digitalism or Interactive Experiences for Brands like Mini, Audi or Olympus.