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  /  Widgets and TDAbleton – Major New TouchDesigner Features

Widgets and TDAbleton – Major New TouchDesigner Features

Workshop Intermediate

Widgets is a fast, easy, and fully customizable TouchDesigner UI system. Learn how to build and connect UIs in the WYSIWYG editor. We’ll also explore customization and building your own widgets and widget kits.

TDAbleton deeply connects TouchDesigner with Ableton Live to allow full control of TD from Live and vice-versa. Learn how to access all aspects of a Live Set and use that data to generate graphics in TD. There will also be a brief introduction to interacting with Live using Python and building your own TDAbleton Components.

python, best practices, tools


Ivan DelSol

Ivan DelSol has been writing code since childhood. While working as a VJ and game programmer in the late 90’s, he discovered a love of experimental live theatre. After many years of producing multimedia theatre pieces with inadequate software, a friend introduced him to TouchDesigner 088 and he has been hooked ever since. Already an expert Python programmer, he cut his teeth developing an audio-visual theatre cueing network. In 2014, he started developing systems for Derivative, with a focus on Python and custom Components. His largest contributions to TouchDesigner include the TDAbleton system and large parts of the upcoming Widgets UI system.