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  /  Storytelling Within Interactive and Performative Frames: a Focus on TouchDesigner

Storytelling Within Interactive and Performative Frames: a Focus on TouchDesigner


The talk analyzes the role of storytelling within TouchDesigner. Past projects, present software possibilities and future immersive
potential applications will be explored. TouchDesigner enables digital storytelling in linear and non linear ways. We can determine the dynamic, the rythm of the performance. We can awake emotions and unveil meaning through interactions or real time control.
In the talk we will see how TouchDesigner tools, nodes and programming features are used by digital artists to create and develop interactive artworks, to track, synchronize, and mix real time with compositions. We will also focus on the last derivative VR features and their narrative potentials.

Storytelling, Performance, VR, Audio Visual, Tools, Programming, Real-Time



Directing duo formed by Giacomo Favaron and Paulina Greta.

They focus on storytelling within transmedia, interactive and immersive environments.
Surogaat creative projects embrace film direction, performance, interactive installations and coding, combine open source softwares and hardware hacking.
They have been researching immersive and VR possibilities, and exploring the concepts of multisensory aesthetic and machine learning.