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Structure VR


During the last course on the art academy at the HKU (in The Netherlands) I’ve created a VR experience using Touchdesigner. I’ve known Touchdesigner for about a year now, but this was the first time I really used it because I started understanding the principles. Within a month I’ve created a VR experience with barely any knowledge about what I was doing. Yet the result was epic.

The experience called Structure, it lasts for about three minutes and will make reality shift. Together with a technical drawer, I measured the whole room and everything in it. Then we made it in 3D and imported it to Touchdesigner. From here we started the audio file that was created by a sound designer and made the whole room react to the multichannel track.

The story being told is about me and my addiction to technology. What I wanted to accomplish was to make the virtual world better and more immersive than the real. The reactions I got when people took off there headset was astonishing.

VR, Experience-Design, 3D Objects, Mapping


Jakob Povel

Jakob Povel (1991) has both Danish and Dutch blood and design in his veins.

Jakob Povel (1991) has both Danish and Dutch blood and design in his veins. He followed graphic design studies in The Netherlands at the HKU and is a designer with a profound fondness for technology. During his studies, he started defining and exploring the borders of the profession graphic design. The use of existing analog and digital technologies in a new conceptual yet communicative way, lead to the co-founding of a live visual collaboration: Correlate Visuals, together with Roel Weerdenburg. Always in search of a challenge and inspired by the fun of research, he became a self-taught engineer, programmer (Python) and TouchDesigner enthusiast.