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TouchDesigner for Designers


TouchDesigner’s versatility is known, but the recent release for MacOS reaches out to a community of digital designers who are always curious to try out new ways of improving their work processes. Real-time prototyping, motion design, interaction, IoT are among some of the areas I have been experimenting with. In this presentation I will show some concrete examples on how TouchDesigner has improved my design workflow in building visually rich experiences with sophisticated interaction.

UI Building, Motion Design, Interoperability


Rui Martins

Rui Martins is a digital designer at EGGS Design in Oslo, Norway. 
His work has focused mostly in interface design, motion design, user experience and data visualisation. Having used many different visual programming environments in the past few years, Rui is keen on implementing efficient prototyping tools into the design process. Currently working with forming a TouchDesigner community in the Nordics, so if you are interested in that, get in Touch!