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Greg Hermanovic

Greg Hermanovic

Greg is co-founder of Derivative, where he helps design and test TouchDesigner and support the ever-inspiring TouchDesigner community.

Since as far back as he can remember, Greg wanted to make real-time visual tools for artists. He drew his first pixel on a CRT in 1974 in the Atlantic Ocean during a United Nations weather research project. He then found himself in aerospace doing realtime simulation for aircraft and the Canadarm robotic arm on the US Space Shuttle. But after discovering UNIX, music synthesizers and computer graphics as they were emerging, Greg led software development at Omnibus Computer Graphics in 1984 until it went bust in 1987, and from the ashes he co-formed Side Effects Software. At Side Effects, Greg was behind the development of PRISMS and early Houdini, where by some twist of nature, he received two Academy Awards for procedural visual effects tools in the film industry.

Then in 2000, Derivative was spun out from Side Effects with a mission to make real-time procedural tools for artists.

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Designing Components
03. February 2018 11:00
Main Hall