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Mari Asada

Mari Asada

Graduated from Tama Art University Department of Graphic Design.
While studying visual communication design at art university, Mari participated as a production staff at the party “Life Force”, which is organized by her father who is a well known PA engineer in Japanese party scene. Through the process of integrating music, visual, lighting, decoration art, and creating an overnight illusion, she woke up to the image as time art projected in space. Since then she started her activity and formed the visual unit “Interstella”. By projecting images synchronized with music to the environment, create image space as shared communication experience and have pursued to bring light to the subconscious minds of people.

Mari participated as a VJ in the underground parties in Tokyo, festivals in various places, ecology-related events and so on so far and are handling space production.
Overseas participation in BOOM FESTIVAL serving as image / technical staff of Liminal Village, she performed VJ at the main stage.

Currently at the Digital Hollywood, researching 3DCG, VR, dome content, digital content management,
and in the name of marimosphere, she is active in various fields such as VJ, projection mapping, interactive media art performance.